The club is managed by an elected volunteer Management Committee, responsible for making financial, procedural and management decisions on behalf of the club members. The Management Committee is elected annually at the Annual General Meeting, normally held in June; all Management Committee members are voluntary positions. The Management Committee holds monthly meetings; club members are welcome to attend but should raise any General Business items with the Club President in advance of a meeting. Only Management Committee members have voting rights.

The club also has a number of active sub-committees, including a Coaching Committee, a Secretarial Committee, and the Junior Activities Committee. Involvement in a subcommittee is available to any member with a particular interest (ie does not require an election) and can be a very rewarding experience. Subcommittees generally work on a particular project or issue and provide reports or proposals to the Management Committee for consideration.

The club employs a part time paid Club Administrator to assist with all administrative and book keeping requirements. This position works from the clubs office and monitors incoming correspondence including emails. Office opening hours are published in each Weekly Update.

Our club is affiliated with the North Barrier Branch which extends from Forrest Beach (Ingham) to Sarina. The Branch is responsible for oversight of clubs within the branch area and hosts a number of Branch carnivals throughout the season to which all clubs in the Branch are invited to compete. North Barrier Branch also operates a number of subcommittees on which our club has nominated representatives.